Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Frustration is the theme these days, the not knowing what is happening inside my body is driving me just a little {sic}crazy.

{This is high on my chest between my front collarbones.}
After a week of trying to reach my Doctor who shall remain nameless at this point..I spoke in Full on Candor with his nurse. I told her it was not my intention to be rude but to advocate for my own body as I have an 11 year old child depending on me to be okay.
She quieted down a bit and took an adversarial role .. My Doctor apparently called me early this morning and left me a message saying that she didn't typically call her patients back she entrusted that to her nurse except for extreme circumstance's. 
She apologized if this was an issue. She also stated that she didn't need the tests after all as my Bilirubin had been high at other times over the last few years..DUH!!!!!!  Dear God..This woman is a Doctor..

 The sores that are eating me started before those tests!! Are doctors BLIND?! I want my Brookline Ma. DOCTOR back. He was BRILLIANT and he was a PARTNER in my care...through it ALL! When my husband became ill he gave me his cell number..I used it. We discussed everything about Bilirubin, Red blood cells,White blood cells ..ON and on... I was in the company of ICU Doctor's in the best Hospitals in the world and been included in my husbands care EVERY step of the way. 

So where am I with My Dr. ? .. I was lastly told through Fort Knox that the Dr. siad she will discuss everything with me when we see each other again. Yes, we WILL discuss many things. Things like WHY do I NOT have an appointment with a Rheumatologist? Why have I NOT been tested for TOXICITY Specifically!?

1.MSH Test for Mold including Black Mold* 

2. Urinalysis for Metals.. such as Tin, Arsenic, Cadmium, alluminum, Tungsten,and many more...

WHY is this NOT being done!? It's my clock..

I'm angry!

FDA.. Look it up.. Toxic Implants, Implant Disease, Implant Toxicity... watch what happens on Google!  Anything Honest comes from the PEOPLE or sometimes Mayo Clinic or a Study at Mass General etc.. all of what you will find comes from the PEOPLE basically and for the most part.  

The DENIAL etc..FDA or Plastic Surgeons..take your pick there will be a ton of them!

The FDA always finds a way to screw us.

I can't and won't apologize for being angry, I have the right, it IS my right! Nobody should ever lay down when their rights are being violated. I'm not going with that.
Civil Rights.. 

They knew that the Silicone was toxic, they knew it would either burst,rupture,leak or disintegrate in a large number of womens bodies.

Thanks for the Protection FDA!

Pissed off

There! I admit, i feel better... Blogging will get this way and probably a lot rougher when I am approaching that surgery date..! Right after..WOW! I have been through the pain once. Cutting through chest muscle does not make for a great following month. I will pray my way through. 
My love to you all..those that return, you have my heart in your hand. I am an Empath..look it up if you are not familiar... "Go learn my Pinochio" as I say to Mads <3

Deep belly Breathing..trying 


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