Saturday, January 31, 2015

Lost in tests and research

As the days fall into a haze behind me I could at times almost believe I am losing my mind.

"Brain Fog" as it is formally called within the Medical Community KILLS. I was told some years back that a woman that had become one of my closest friends when I lived in Boston had committed suicide. No reason known. I know.

Beautiful, loving but insecure and alone Linda had her implants put in the month before mine, she chose Silicone. How my heart aches for what she must have gone through. We were sisters of the heart.

The suicide rate amongst women with breast implants is THREE TIMES higher! Fact, One reputable backer ..

If this doesn't work it is simply my error or Blogger not allowing it..Google has many articles..TOO many sad statistics

NO investment there! Always look to an intelligent UNBIASED source!   NEVER trust the FDA or The Cosmetic Surgeons that performed the original surgery, he will not do what he sees as admitting guilt by acknowledging this Killer disease.  

Trust Scientists,trust the Specialist Plastic Surgeons that perform "En Bloc Explantation" Only trust the most experienced Plastic Surgeon to properly perform this highly specific surgery where a "Biofilm" is only understood by EXPERTS..! One fraction left behind may mean the difference between life and death.

 One  thing to remember is that your LUNG is RIGHT there, on BOTH sides! SHOP WELL... THE BEST CHOICE here matters! 

Dr. Susan Kolb in Atlanta is considered the Leader in her field. She is of course EXPENSIVE!  You get what you pay for and you MUST remember you are not buying a dress!

This very REAL medical disaster MUST be addressed and FAST! 
We have a massive pile-up of women headed RIGHT where I am!!! 

Think about THAT devastating REALITY!

 I can not possibly be the only one beaten down by life to the point that I can NOT pay $5,000 to $8,600 for anything..EVEN LIFESAVING Surgery! I would truly have to rob a bank! It's absurd..

My own Doctor told me I really should save my money and have them removed because I am in for so much heavy testing. I explained that being 100% *disabled*, My entire YEARLY income is the same as the surgery. As a close friend once said.. "Numbers don't lie".

 I pray this does not turn out badly due to a refusal of Medicare and Medicaid to remove these TOXIC BOMBS that the FDA lies about openly.. OUT of my chest. 

Am I partially responsible for getting them in the first place? YES, of course I am! 
I made an UNINFORMED decision. 
The Expert that performed my surgery deceived and misled me. 

Should they have been available with ALL the knowledge the manufacturer's had???

 The FDA was put in place to PROTECT us as United States Citizens! I and so many other women have been and are STILL being deceived on this HUGE issue!

I am angry tonight as I wonder .. HOW can this end well? 
How many other women have been right where I am, how many are coming behind? I am outraged. I am sad. 

I am However NOT going to quit! I am going to get LOUD!!!


I finally at long last was tested for Heavy Metals and Mold and am awaiting those results. This Testing alone has been a long sought out triumph. If you read the blog, it's there.

There is a serious issue with my elevated Bilirubin and the pain that knocked me to my knees tonight. Pain is not my friend!

Constant Nausea, EXTREME spells of fatigue and then general sluggish mood.. cramps in my calf so bad I expect a bone will rip through any moment.
Night sweats 6 years after meno-pause that makes those look like a cake walk. A smell of ammonia, constantly diagnosed with UTI's without symptoms??? 
Most recently after a CT Scan done when my ever present "clumsiness"* caused a bump to my head the results of which was coming upon a "pool of mucous"? up between my eyes.. this is "causing the swollen red veins in my eyes and the darkened eye sockets." Hmm..     Solution:  Anti-biotics.   I'll remind you my White blood cells are very low..

 Also right in the research Data it talks about direct correlation between Sinus issues and Silicone AND two worst enemies right now.

As anyone that has been through this will testify and I wish them all well, they clearly survived a war and I applaud them. I am not even lined up for surgery and I am battle weary.

I will get through this.. I will never give up! The Explantation must happen and it will. God willing.

Thank you all for your support. PLEASE feel free to comment, ask questions etc. IF you are a possible sufferer, feel free to talk! I have NO answers, I am not an expert, Nurse, Doctor or anything close to any of these! I am however fighting the same battle.. and I'm here as energy permits.

It is my constant prayer and deepest hope that someone is helped from something here. 

I have gained so much medical knowledge about this condition because my instincts {I believe,God given} drove me on. 

It really is my hope to put what I have learned RIGHT HERE in the open for any that need it! 

Will I be the only one? 

Of course not..but I cbe ould be a voice to someone in the "wilderness".

I am grateful to be able to DO this research but I will tell you my Brain Fog, severe short term memory loss noticed by many and just my health in general is going to slow me down if not resolved.


To think.. percentages as high as 94% have been reported in women that have gone through En Bloc Explantation followed by a full years worth of detoxification and strict diet!
 I want on that love train.. 

In the meantime, I fight on.. the issues are all surfacing, this time my liver, news as it becomes available.

Love & Light to all..


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I have not given up.. I'm here

I've drifted yet again.. I do that frequently in times of stress or change, in this case both.

My Dr. and I don't seem to be having any real relationship these days and I feel completely disconnected from the Medical Community once more.

I sent her an email last night, very late letting her know that my skin is burning and that the night sweats are making laundry at 3 am a normal occurrence as my little body that never perspires is drenching the sheets.

It is hard to not let this make me crazy or scared.. It has gone on long enough to have turned to Cancer and my Doctor knows this. Yet the correct tests never happen, I am instead sent to another Specialist near her, over 100 miles away.

I have expressed to her in writing and verbally many times now what a hardship this creates for me. I am disabled, I do not drive making me dependent on the only form of Transit here other than a car, a shuttle service.  The cost is prohibitive and it means spending an entire day on a bus.

This is not simply an inconvenience with my medical condition, it is an impossibility.

Still the calls from these same Specialists keep coming in.. 

Last night in my letter I let her know that I need to see a Dermatologist in my town, NOT 60 miles from here.

I also let her know I am tired of waiting for her to figure out how to have the Hair root test for Metals {Toxicity Panel} and the Alpha MSH test for mold done.  I know the name because I researched and verified by speaking to a Great RN at a Cosmetic Surgeons office! I want this identified so that I may then move forward to the surgery.  I want my LIFE BACK!

Boston Doctors will get this in line in no time, without all the unnecessary duress. MUST get home. I will.

So.. I am in nowhere land and have been since my last posting. The trick has been not letting my many, some serious symptoms/side affects..? NOT letting these things destroy my JOY and my many blessings. 

I have recently allowed myself to dream again, that's a big one!

Love you all.. I will always return. I apologize for the lapses, as things start to MOVE I will be here more often!

;) Love and Light,