Friday, March 6, 2015


Anyone in the FILM Industry .. 
Know someone that is?

Breast Implants are KILLING many Women and causing Serious issues in so many MORE, clearly not all BUT MANY heart emoticon 

I AM ONE and I know several women that wanto get their story out as well.  

I am willing to allow FILMING OF THIS (MY) STORY through *EnBloc Explantation Surgery (*Breast Implant removal with capsule)   I want the NEWS OUT THERE! rather than hidden. Let's say what the FDA won't tell you.

Possible PROFESSIONAL FILMING of surgery will be considered.. Private message me please with your email address and contact info.

PREVIOUS work and credentials will be considered heavily and must verifiable.

Surgery will BE in ATLANTA Georgia as soon as Funds become available! Approx. May or June 2015!

I have many friends that have it made through this process that are willing to stand behind me and tell their stories as well. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

PLEASE CONSIDER a small Donation.. Thank you and bless you. I am fundraising for Surgery, info to come soon!

 I apologize you may have to cut and paste or Look it up, I am having difficulties manuevering the site. 

My pain is a genuine 10 today, cranky..will not consider pain meds with a swollen liver!!!

Thank you for your patience and your kindness!

Sharon.. Mads Mom AKA BULLDOG!  ( inside joke for my regular reader's <3 )