Friday, October 17, 2014

The Burning Wings

It is late, this is nothing new..when all grows silent I can hear my deepest, surest self. Somewhere in the darkness my new truth waits for me.

The pain is escalating, this comes as no surprise it has been happening for days now. 

It is a burning under my "wings" as I picture when my mind wanders to magical places, places where angels fly freely.

More frequently as in sides aches as well, this is new.  What can I do other than keep it in my heart and my head that I will make it through all of this. The endless symptoms that make up "Implant Toxicity".  This is not I wish you could read my heart.. I want to blow this all wide open, expose the pain as well as 
the deception.

Do any of you remember back to when Dow Corning was sued in one the largest Class Action lawsuits due to their SILICONE implants?

Well really who in their right mind would go out and buy implants of any kind from Dow Corning after that disaster rocked the world of Plastic Surgeons everywhere?!

I did. Dow Corning created another Company they named Mentor. Guess what Mentor makes? There you have it, that was tough huh?!

Every day life and responsibilities come at me from all sides and the entire foundation lies in uncertainty until this experience is behind me.  I feel like a human time bomb.

I am hoping to know soon how long I can expect it to be until my surgery. 

I like bottom lines, I don't do well navigating in the big unknown.

Today brought a poignant and heling conversation with a very dear, very long time friend that knows me in many ways best of all. 

God never ceases to send in reinforcement by way of his earth angels. 

There is nothing like someone that loves you and will miss your mere presence when you're gone. Someone you have impacted as they have you.

There are always gifts, it's a question of what you value most.

I am going to try to sleep, my body is weary and heavy.. my mind should settle a bit after some Yogi, Detox tea.. all these little things help. 

Goodnight & God Bless,


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