Sunday, November 2, 2014

Strangers within the Walls..

 There are strangers within my body. My body has been telling me for a while that there was trouble afoot. Health issue after health issue and yet despite the fact that I had a few very, very good Doctors I was not in one place long enough during the decline of my health. 

In the four years since my husbands passing there was no strong bond with one Doctor is what I am trying to say.  

There was one Doctor in Indiana, small town..Indiana. This Doctor is the one that asked me to humor him and let him go ahead and test me for Lupus.

He was correct I tested Positive for Lupus. 

When I first started learning about "Implant Toxicity" one of the veins that ran through nearly every Article I read stated one thing in common. That commonality is that many people find their way here in this state of High Mold or Metals Toxicity by way of a Lupus diagnosis.

So this Doctor if I were still there would be on this quest with me right now...this connecting of the dots.

As of right now my Doctor and I here in North Carolina are seeing each other this coming week. We plan to discuss and hopefully order an Apha MSH Test and an Anyalytical Chemistry as is customary in the face of these extreme and nearly unlimited symptoms.

To have this routine carried out by a Cosmetic Surgeon would cost me an out of pocket fortune. She is my Doctor, she has the option of sending me to a Rheumatologist which she has already mentioned she would be doing.  
It is bizarre and irritating to get call after call from four other specialist's she wants me to see but not one from a Rheumatologist!  The very Doctor I should be sitting in front of by now.

I do believe my Doctor and I are on the same page finally after much discussion and if not we have agreed to let each other know. She has the knowledge and the power but this is MY body.  

I have days where I am so sick and everything hurts differently as my ears ring away.. days I wish I could go to sleep and wake up illness free or simply not wake up at all.

The Brain Fog and the memory loss along with wrists that throb, hair that stopped how it goes on. 

I tell you this because, One day and it will come...there will be a chance for you to warn someone to really stop and do their homework. They need to sit with someone intelligent that loves them and research before that scalpel comes anywhere near their flesh. 
 Perhaps that someone will not have to sit after connecting dots many years later and see the clarity of this horror.

Feeling alone today.  


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