Thursday, November 6, 2014

Still here..

I was asked the other night by a friend Why I am not Blogging more often.. I was surprised someone, any asked or noticed.  I am probably avoiding writing because I am in this huge lull where there is simply no movement in my health care. I guess I am a bit down in the dumps.

I am pretty good at finding positives these days, it is something I want to teach my child and the way I want to live.

Today there has been pain that reminds me I am sick. I have days without pain and those are the days I fly!

So up and coming appointment with my Dr. in Asheville then on to a Rheumatologist from there. This will begin on Thursday next week, I am anxious to get underway.

I have been reading quite a bit about how to be sure the surgery is done by someone with special training in removing these things.  I have also discussed this with the Dr. way back during our first visit.

Double Total Capsulectomy it is called if like me you like to research.

I am not afraid of the surgery or the ramifications and realities of after surgery.

I am only afraid of not being able to get the surgery because of Insurance rules. 

This is what I am researching now and it is a very tricky part of this thing! 

Trying to get as strong as I can for the surgery as I watch Winter start to unfold..

Love and Light to all! 

Remember to advocate for yourself and if you are considering breast Implants, do your research outside of the FDA! 

That is my pearl for today ;)   

Off to cook dinner for my girl, fish, rice and asparagus... No cupcakes after..trying hard on the advice of a few respected friends to stay away from sugar as much as possible while this is happening!

;)  GO LIVE! <3

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