Thursday, April 23, 2015

Abandonment and loss. Staying saved..

There are little Miracles every day if you are open in both mind and Spirit <3

This morning I sat weeping uncontrollably, slowly wrapping myself around my reality both with my health and just how physically alone I really am.

I heard a tapping outside as I sat wondering how things ever became this hopeless.. outside a tiny Nuthatch was on my actual deck perched on the top of MY chair.. my active tear production stopped as
I looked at him looking at me and for a split second It seemed we both laughed, he then flew away.

"Calm yourself "

I have been away far too long, I apologize again. I find myself questioning how much people want to hear about this Illness, this killer that is allowed to run amock inside womens bodies with full support of the FDA. Pun intended.

It's not funny, not remotely.. I apologize yet again. I can not help but become glib after all I have been through in the last 10 years at least, this Toxic Beast has taken over my entire life. In fact it threatens to take my very life from me.

As I write there are many Biotoxins as well as Mold and Fungus running free range in my body, going after my moat vital organs.

My liver,kidneys and Gallbladder are making the most noise unless you count the chaos in my brain due both to mold and Mercury, for REAL. My short term memory is nearly non existent. My normally quick mind is having a hard time grasping a sentence if it is not very brief. I have lost many "words" MANY. My balance is gone and my pain is at times quite serious.

The offenders MUST be removed or all efforts to CLEAN my body with whole and organic foods and MASSIVE Supplements to help support what can no longer function.. will have been in vain.

I will try to be here more, try to leave more information!  Do try to leave a comment.. then I will know I should continue to write <3

In love and light,


This is my Fund.. Please consider, everything helps.

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